Ihsan's Falafel  

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About US:

Delicious, healthy, and happy are the three words to describe what we are all about. Ihsan's Falafel was founded by Chef Amin Musa, who is trained in macrobiotic cooking and health counseling. Amin learned how to make falafels from his mother, Ihsan, and started sharing them with his friends here in the U.S. Almost every time people were telling Amin that his mother's falafels were the best they have ever had. These repeated compliments sparked the original inspiration for the birthing of Ihsan's Falafel. Now as more people are trying our falafels, we are receiving compliments of a different kind. Many of our loyal customers are expressing to us how thrilled they are to have finally found falafels that are not only delicious but are also healthy. At Ihsan's Falafel we only use top quality ingredients and natural cooking methods. Our falafel mix is made with whole organic ingredients, and is free of gluten, dairy, and animal products. 

Ihsan's Falafel exists because we believe that you deserve to enjoy

Why Us?


The name Ihsan is an Arabic word that means kindness. Kindness is the best word to describe the core values that we stand by at Ihsan's Falafel. We strive to create a work environment that is kind to our customers, to our team, and to our Mother Earth. We try to be kind to you by providing a healthier alternative for your body. We try to be kind to our team by creating a fair, cooperative, and cheerful work environment. We try to be kind to Mother Earth by using ingredients that are organic, local, and GMO-free as well as packaging that is environmentally friendly. At Ihsan's Falafel, when you are happy, and the earth is happy, we also feel happy!


We specialize in falafels because we understand how much time and effort it takes to make excellent quality falafels. Our falafels are not made out of ready made powdered mixes containing all sorts of ingredients that are foreign to real traditional falafels. There is a process that goes behind the fresh taste of good falafels. The dried, whole organic garbanzo beans are soaked overnight, then ground with fresh organic vegetables. Next, whole organic spices are ground immediately before being added to the garbanzo mix in order to ensure their maximum freshness. There are no preservatives, additives, or coloring added to the mix. 

The Unique Flavors of Sudan

Being native to the Sudan, Chef Amin offers the only organic Sudanese falafels that are currently on the market in Los Angeles. In Sudan, falafel is eaten daily in almost every Sudanese household. It is also a common street food sold at every corner. The Sudanese use a special combination of herbs and spices that adds a unique and delicious twist to falafels.

Another gift of our Sudanese background is the traditional spicy peanut sauce, referred to in Sudan as "Dakwa". Considered to be the perfect compliment to falafels, this rich spicy sauce is made with peanut butter, jalapeno, and a personal twist by Chef Amin.

Good quality frying oil

Our bodies need oil for optimum health, but not all oils are created equal. The type of frying oil we cook our falafels in is Safflower oil, which is a very high quality oil. Safflower oil is free of GMOs, and is cold-pressed - meaning it is naturally extracted using a mechanical method, rather than using harmful chemicals. Among it’s many health benefits, Safflower oil helps reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, enhance hair growth, and nourish dry skin. 

Home-made Natural Pickles

In the Middle-East, it is customary to serve falafel wraps with pickles. From a health perspective, it is easy to see why this traditional practice has much wisdom behind it. Naturally fermented pickles aid in digestion and improve mineral absorption. Natural fermentation is different from the modern large scale production of pickles. Commercially produced pickles are commonly made with distilled vinegar, chemicals, additives, or pasteurization. These pickles are not fermented, and do not have the same health benefits of naturally fermented pickles. In the process of natural fermentation, fresh vegetables are submerged under a solution of water and sea salt. Beneficial bacteria develop and start breaking down the sugars in the vegetables and transforming them into lactic acid, the natural preservative that gives pickles their unique taste and smell. This is how we make the turnip and cucumber pickles that go in your falafel wraps. 

Sea Salt

We use good quality sea salt in our cooking. Sea salt contains the beneficial trace-minerals that are absent from table salt, and does not contain the harmful anti-caking chemicals that are used in table salt.


If you are trying to avoid gluten, you have plenty of options at Ihsan's Falafel. The falafel pieces, the Tahini sauce, and the Dakwa sauce are all gluten free. You can also try our new Collard Green Wrap, which is five falafel pieces wrapped in steamed collard green leaves.